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The Political Assassination of the English Language in Quebec

Posted by Mitch and Itsik on October 06, 2013. 0 Comments

The Good:

We've got our hands full with stories to tell.

The Bad:

The effect it has on our business & social communities in Quebec.

The Ugly:

The ugly reality as told by many news stories:

This blog entry will be updated with stories of real cases as long as this law still exist.


Did You Know? The OQLF Offers Grants To Help English Businesses 

Now there is a headline you will find hard to believe to,  but its true.

A few months ago I heard about the special program that OLF offers a government grant that helps businesses in Quebec to change their operating environment to French.  I have acquired about this service by contacting a few agencies, and finally have proceeds to submit an application for my business.

My first step was to meet with bridge agency that helps you understand the program and prepare you for the meeting with the OLF representative when they come to your office and do an assessment on your business.

I met with a super friendly agent from an organization called CIMOI where he explained to me what is covered by this program and what do the OLF expect from our business in turning the operation into French first. In Addition the agency offers free french for business lessons to everyone.

The second meeting was a few weeks later with two representative from the OLF and an intern. One agent specialty was to discuss with me what the program offers and review my daily administrative operation, and the second agent was to discuss technology usage and what elements I am currently using that will be needed to be in French that they cover.

The communication was in French, mine was broken, but they kindly helped me through the whole process.The agents were supportive, kind and friendly which was only a good sign in my books.

To summarize my experience so far: The OLF and the Quebec government needs to promote this program and use it to help bring the bridges together instead of punishing and fining business owners when coming across a complaint.

I did mentioned this to the OLF representatives and the agent from CIMOI a few times during the course of our discussion, they nodded with agreement but I am not sure what control they have over the Government stand .

Our business is officially under the program which I hope will be accepted and I will make sure to keep you all updated with the process.









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