The Unity Pin

Express no shame. Have no guilt. Wear with pride.

Unity Pin

Unity Pin
Order your "Unity Pin" today and express your right to be proud of who you are. All prices include shipping, handling and taxes. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to help fight legal action brought on by the Office québécois de la langue française against local businesses. Wear it everywhere to empower your statement of equality and unity in Quebec. With every order you will receive a FREE bumper sticker and a free mp3 of the song Together by the Unity Pins to blast in your car. Please enjoy our reduced bulk pricing of 2-4 items @ $2.95 each, 5-9 items @ $2.45 each, 10 or more items @ $1.95 each. To increase the quantity of an item when ordering from a smartphone, simply keep tapping on the 'Add to cart' icon below until the desired quantity is reached. Your bulk savings will appear during 'checkout'.

  • Order your "Unity Pin" today and reclaim your right to voice the language of your choice.
  • Wear it everywhere until the letters of all languages can be of equal size and value.
  • Share it so that our voice will be louder.

Our ready-to-wear "Unity Pin" is designed to express the love we feel for the English language in ‘La Belle Province’.

We believe that an effective message is needed to play catch-up for the years of being made to feel like second-class citizens. It’s time to restore our worth, our dignity and our self-respect. Only by empowering the English and multi-ethnic communities will we find true equality of language and culture in Quebec. And with equality, comes unity.

Rather than oppress our bilingual status, we should embrace, promote and be proud of the fact that our children speak, read and write in both English and French like no other place in the world.

Each purchase of the "Unity Pin" will help finance legal support to defend against language cases in Quebec where the Marois government continues to harass business owners and individuals at the expense of their livelihood – and our tax dollars.

Give your voice a right to be heard – a right that has been ignored and devalued for far too long.

Here is some of the media review we have received so far: 

  • February 25, 2014 - Anthony Abbondanza wrote an article in the West Island Chronicle titled Politically charged pin movement on the rise in Montreal
  • February 19, 2014 - Tommy Schnurmacher (CJAD News) spoke briefly about the Unity Pin calling it a smart and cheap political item during his conversation with Andrew Carter.